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3395 Leihm Lane, Idaho Falls, ID 83401

   3395 E. Leihm Ln, Idaho Falls, ID 83401


 Hours  8 a.m.- 5 p.m. ​​ M - F 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Iona Bonneville Sewer District to provide and encourage cost effective and efficient conveyance and treatment of wastewater for the patrons and members of the District, to comply with all applicable state and local ordinances and policies and to protect the environment and resources within the District.   In the performance of that mission.

 IBSD is committed to: 

  1. Meeting the needs and expectation of its patrons in providing these sewer services at a reasonable rate, providing prompt, effective, friendly and dependable service to the community and always treating all of its patrons, customers, affiliates, vendors and employees with the highest degree of respect and integrity.​

  2.  Continually working with its patrons, governmental agencies, the community and industry to maximize the quality and affordability of service while maintaining the highest ethical and business standards.

  3. Constantly striving to promote a safe, supportive and efficient work environment for its employees and associates that encourage a high degree of professionalism, creativity and job satisfaction.

  4.  Providing long-range planning that ensures continuous cost-effective service for the future needs of the District.

  5. Reaching out to the community in the spirit of cooperation to conserve our natural resources and environment and to make a conscious effort to protect the environment in the performance of its duties so that all can continue to enjoy a safe and pleasant place to live.